Sunday, August 5, 2012

How To Learn French: French For Beginners

When it comes to learning French for beginners you have to get a fundamental understanding of the language. It is no good for you to try and learn more advance French without having a foundation in the language.

Whilst you can learn a lot of French from watching French television or listening to French radio programs, if you do not have a basic understanding of the language it sounds like gobbledygook because all the words appear to run in to each other. It's only after a long time listening that you start to pick out the separate words.

If you have some understanding of the language then you can pick out the words you do know and work the rest out from there.

But how do you get this understanding of French for beginners?

The best way to do this is to pick up a French language training program and work with that or you could attend a French language class at a community college near to you. The downside of this latter approach is you can only go as fast as the class progresses.

Working with a program at home means you can work through it at your own speed. If you prefer to learn slowly then you can go through each module until you master it. If you are an over achiever and you like to work through things quicker then you can work through each module at your own speed and learn French fast.

The key is to focus on the words and phrases that you are most likely to use when you are speaking French. If you were learning to speak French for business then it is a whole different vocabulary compared to learning to speak French for a holiday.

One good addition to your French toolkit is a good English to French and French to English phrasebook. Once you have a good idea of the pronunciation of French words then you will find a phrasebook very useful, though most will guide you with phonetic pronunciations too.

These are useful because you can look up words and phrases as you need them and help you learn the language faster. For example, if you were going out to a restaurant for a meal then you could work out what you would have to say if you were to do the same thing in French.

This role play type approach makes learning French much easier because you start to work out how to use the French language in different situations. If these situations are similar to those you would encounter when you are actually speaking the language then it is even better for you as you are learning more of the language you will use.

Many people take French for beginners classes and find them to be very helpful to them. Whether you are planning on taking a beginners French class or you are buying a home study program, you can learn French much easier than you thought possible.

If you are studying French for beginners then you need every resource possible to make it easy and fun for you. Get some simple phrases and words that will help you in learning to speak French.

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