Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy Ways for Kids to Practice Writing Prompts

The mind of small a child is similar to a blank canvas. You can paint whatever you want to on that plain slate. They might feel confused when they want to think of something that they don't know. Here they require adult supervision. Helper can either be their parents or teacher, as these are the only two types of relations children are most of the time learning from. There is a possibility of some other relations as well. Just check with whom your kid is comfortable in learning. It is not a rocket science. Just give them simple writing prompts to start the process.

The basic formula is to ask them questions and move with that on paper. Basic types of questions could start from What, How, When Where or some wish related. Here are some examples.

Explain to your child that every situation consists of an event, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Emphasize that the same situation can lead to two different thoughts and that the thoughts cause different feelings and behavior.

E.g. How will you go to school if it will rain today?

There can be number of answers to the question like,

I will not go to school and will have some fun with my family or

I will go by bus and won't walk to school or I will walk with my umbrella to school and won't get wet.

Now try asking them Do you like rain? Do you get scared by lightening? What if you get wet in rain?

You can get a variety of thoughts as per emotions of the child. Like if they feel happy in the rain or they feel worried. Lightening scares them or they get excited for more rain to come.

Elaborate their thoughts in words. Try some story making. Start a story and let them add the details. As you will move on you will realize that your child contributed a lot using his/hers thoughts and imagination. E.g. I was playing in the park and there I saw a kitten in the tree and what was the kitten doing? Answers could be, she was crying for help, she was stuck in the tree and couldn't jump down. She was catching a bird etc. Now on the basis of the reply from the child, carry on with the story making. Kids enjoy that. You can name a story like My visit to the park or the cat's rescue

Thinking is a very fun activity for kids. They use their tiny experiences and mental capacity to make a good piece of writing. Like, what do doctors do? Children will answer this according to what they know and observe. E.g. Doctor takes care of the sick, doctors give yuck medicine and use injections on naughty kids, they help you get better, they work in a hospital, they take out your bad tooth etc. After some thought collection, ask them to write about doctors or their visit to a doctor.

Kids loving imagining. They all have some wishes. Like what do you wish to be when you get older? Answers could be like; I wish I was a pilot and could see the city from the sky. I wish to become a doctor and help the sick. I wish it was a holiday today and I would go play with my friends.

Hope you have a fun writing activities. For more about writing prompts, have a look at writing prompts for kids here

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